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Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC), one of the Philippines' leading real estate companies, is involved in the development and operation of shopping malls and hotels, and is also one of the country's most reputable developers of mixed-use properties,office buildings, residential condominiums, as well as land and residential housing developments, including socialized housing projects located in key cities and other urban areas nationwide.

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Free Interior Design

Need a decorating inspiration? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. When you buy your dream home, we offer you a free interior design service that reflect you and your style. Because when you deal with us, there’s no right or wrong way to do it – just your way.

Excellent Service

We always listen to you and your needs and offer various choices based on those needs. We will personally guide you through the entire buying process from beginning to end: finding your home, negotiating your contract, and signing documents.

Site Visits / Trips

Investing in a great home starts with a casual conversation. Our real estate pros – who have a level of expertise unparalleled in the industry can pick you up from your home, hotel or even the airport to show you suitable homes that match your needs..

Open 24 X 7

New Year’s Eve? We’re here. Labor Day? You bet. Five in the morning on a Sunday? Absolutely! For model unit viewing, unit reservations, sample computations and email inquiries please contact us anytime via phone, text, email, or live chat.

Buying Real Estate - Advice That Will Keep You From Making Mistakes:

Buying a home is a complicated and exiting process. In this day and age, it can also be very confusing, and changes come quickly. This article is composed of helpful advice and tips to make home buying an easier and more enjoyable experience for you, and one that will yield more positive results!

1.Keep track of what you have done to get into a new home. Set a budget, log your tour dates, the prices and sizes of the homes that you have looked at and you will find that it is easier for you to find a home that is exactly what you are looking for.

2.Buying a home with a great view might have disadvantages, too. Usually, it costs significantly more than the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. Its resale value can also be negatively affected, as the potential buyers might not appreciate the view as much as the original buyer did. There is also a good possibility that during the years, new structures will be erected, significantly altering the original panorama. The basic rule is to pay as little extra for the view as possible.

3.Observe your potential new neighborhood at different hours of the day to insure that the activity and the noise levels are to your liking. You may find that what is a quiet little neighborhood during the day is full of life and noise during the late evenings and at night.

4.Fireplaces are to be considered when choosing a new home. They can serve as the focal point in the family, or living room, and can also increase the retail value of the home. Wood or oil burning fireplaces can save you money by providing heat during the cold months, as a viable alternative to electric heating devices.

5.To get the best value when buying real estate you should start by looking for older homes. In many areas the pricing for the size home is lower than newly built homes and if you have to do repairs or redecorating to make the house more modern you can still save thousands of dollars.

6.When buying real estate, you must check out the type of plumbing, so you can be prepared for repairs down the road. A lot of the plastic pipes commonly used during the early 80's, can get very brittle and fail after all those years of use. If this plumbing is still in the house, then you will be the one stuck with the repair bill.

7.When you are going to visit an open house you should pay attention to more than just the house you are interested in buying. You should take note of the surrounding houses and area so you know what type of neighborhood it is that you would be living in.

8.Try your best to understand real estate lingo and look out for key terms. If the home is described as "cozy" then that usually means the place is very small. Describing a home as "as-is" usually means there will need to be a lot of work done on the home.

9.Do not buy a home with someone else unless you are sure that the relationship is stable. People often make purchasing decisions based on relationships then they find themselves in a huge financial bind when the relationship comes to an end, since they were depending on the other person to help with the payments.

10.If you find a home that you like make sure that it is near all of the amenities that you might need. You do not want to live in the perfect house and have to drive an excessively long way in order to get to a pharmacy, grocery store, or any other convenience place.

11.When considering the purchase of a new home, try to buy in an area with a strong school system. This holds true even if you do not currently have children. Homes located in the sending district for good schools demand higher prices when it comes time to resell. A home in such an area holds a better market value even when times are tough.

12.One thing prospective real estate buyers must remember to check is the status of additions and renovations made to a home. Even renovation work completed well in advance of the house's listing can possibly cause trouble. Work done without proper permits from local authorities is a huge negative - the buyer of a house with such improvements takes on legal responsibility for them.

13.Never buy a house without getting it inspected. While you may walk through a potential home and not see any problems, you never know what is going on with the actual 'bones' of the house. By hiring a home inspector, you will have someone who is experienced in looking for underlying flaws that you may not see.

14.If you have to move because of a job offer, make sure you visit your future town or city. You do not want to commit to a home without going to look at it. It may seem nice in pictures, but there could be problems that you would only know about if you see it in person.

15.Carefully consider whether the benefits of a new construction home outweigh the negatives. Many homes are immediately available to move in to but their prices may not be comparable to pre-owned homes. Developers do offer incentives, so it is possible that they can make up the difference in price with other attractive features.

16.Do not spend more than you can afford to buy your ideal home. A real estate purchase is a big decision. There is nothing wrong with setting high standards and firm goals to make sure your home purchase is a satisfying one. But your financial limitations are the most ironclad variable in the home-buying process.

You need to learn a lot and keep so many things in mind as you take each step toward buying a home and hopefully, you are now better prepared to do that! The ability to learn from others without making mistakes yourself is one of life's gifts, so take this information to the bank, the realtor, and everyone else involved with your home buying and be much better off for it!

Robinsons Land Price List

Chimes Greenhills Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 4,733,000 1 Bedroom 38.57
Most Expensive ₱ 5,966,000 2 Bedroom 48.98
Acacia Escalades Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 2,088,000 Studio 26.42
Most Expensive ₱ 3,898,000 2 Bedroom 48.02
The Pearl Place Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 2,554,000 Studio 23.22
Most Expensive ₱ 4,735,000 2 Bedroom 48
Axis Residences Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 2,333,000 Studio 24.17
Most Expensive ₱ 5,201,000 2 Bedroom 50.94
Escalades South Metro Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 1,521,000 Studio 23.95
Most Expensive ₱ 2,785,000 2 Bedroom 42.34
The Wellington Courtyard Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 2,368,000 1 Bedroom 29.41
Most Expensive ₱ 6,799,000 2 Bedroom 90.49
Woodsville Viverde Mansions Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 2,490,000 1 Bedroom 37.34
Most Expensive ₱ 4,893,000 3 Bedroom 69.12
Gateway Garden Ridge Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 3,150,000 1 Bedroom 34.38
Most Expensive ₱ 8,585,000 3 Bedroom 91.71
Sonata Private Residences Tower 1 Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 4,886,000 1 Bedroom 36.3
Most Expensive ₱ 42,429,000 Penthouse 278.4
Adriatico Place Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 31,402,000 3 Bedroom 266
East of Galleria Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 4,237,000 1 Bedroom 38.55
Most Expensive ₱ 6,636,000 2 Bedroom 61.61
Gateway Garden Heights Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 3,591,000 1 Bedroom 33.53
Most Expensive ₱ 9,666,000 2 Bedroom 96.47
One Gateway Place Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 3,620,000 1 Bedroom 36.17
Most Expensive ₱ 12,248,000 3 Bedroom 121.74
Gateway Regency Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 3,661,000 Studio 28.09
Most Expensive ₱ 11,087,000 3 Bedroom 95.8
McKinley Park Residences Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 4,891,000 1 Bedroom 38.39
Most Expensive ₱ 14,000,000 3 Bedroom 105.18
The Trion Towers Tower 1 Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 7,532,000 1 Bedroom 54.38
The Fort Residences Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 8,596,000 2 Bedroom 71.96
Vimana Verde Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 13,331,000 Penthouse 132.05
The Trion Towers 2 and 3 Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 5,572,795 1 Bedroom 37.15
Most Expensive ₱ 21,927,533 Lower Penthouse 104.3
The Radiance Manila Bay Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 5,648,699 1 Bedroom 36
Most Expensive ₱ 25,197,033 Lower Penthouse 120.9
Woodsville Residences Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 8,327,338 MODEL 136 136
The Magnolia Residences Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 4,500,000 1 Bedroom 36
Most Expensive ₱ 15,666,800 3 Bedroom 115
The Sapphire Bloc Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 5,570,000 1 Bedroom 36
Most Expensive ₱ 12,896,130 3 Bedroom 97
Sonata Private Residences Tower 2 Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 5,623,740 1 Bedroom 43
Most Expensive ₱ 20,882,768 3 Bedroom 141
Signa Designer Residences Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 5,864,152 Studio 37.2
Most Expensive ₱ 15,645,553 3 BR COMBINED 84.48
Southsquare Village Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 415,030 Lot 32
Most Expensive ₱ 685,320.51 Lot 50
St. Judith Hills Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 2,749,950 Lot 75
Most Expensive ₱ 3,928,344 Lot 135
Bloomfield Heights Lipa Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 1,656,000 Lot 180
Most Expensive ₱ 3,475,080 Lot 315
Residenza Milano Total Price Unit Type AREA (sq.m.)
Cheapest ₱ 456,236.55 Lot 100
Most Expensive ₱ 679,672.40 Lot 153